10,000 Step Goal

Fitbit Stats

I have been using my fitbit more as a watch than anything else since I purchased it several months ago. I started while on vacation with a goal to get in as close to 10,000 steps as possible. My first day was over 24,000 steps followed by 2 – 15,000 plus step days. Sunday I think I only walked 1,500 steps but today I was up again to over 10,000. I know that I more than likely won’t get that in everyday but I am striving towards that goal. I would like to have a weekly average at or above 8,000 steps.

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Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

On Saturday, June 18th 2016 I was able to achieve my goal of actually visiting the Statue of Liberty. I had Crown access and made it to the first platform. My son and grandson did make it to the Crown and I was very happy for them. At any rate I consider this one done and checked off the list.

Pawn Stars – Gold & Silver

Pawn Stars

Another bucket list item that I was able to check off was a visit to Gold & Silver Pawn Shop which is home to the TV show Pawn Stars. The Pawn shop is actually not very large and half of the store is filled with T-shirts, mugs etc. for people like us who want to visit. This was my 2nd time there but I wanted to take my son so it was great for both of us.