Iron Door Saloon Groveland California

Wikipedia – “The Iron Door Saloon is located in Groveland, California, about twenty-five miles from the entrance of Yosemite National Park. According to its proprietors, it is the oldest continuously operating saloon in California. It remains a popular tourist stop on the main road between The Bay Area and Yosemite.”

We stopped in during the day. It wasn’t very busy so I can’t say if that is the norm or just what you should expect during the afternoon. They had a salad bar but we passed on eating there and opted for a few drinks. Groveland California is not a very big town and The Iron Door Saloon may very well be the hot spot on Friday or Saturday night? The sign says “Families Welcome” but if I had my family with me, I would opt for Ellies Cafe & Pizzeria. Overall I would say this is a must stop just to see the oldest bar in California if nothing else. My Tip: Top off the gas tank in Groveland before continuing on to Yosemite.

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