The Queen’s Staircase Nassau Bahamas

“The Queen’s Staircase, commonly referred to as the 66 steps, is a major landmark that is located in the Fort Fincastle Historic Complex in Nassau. It was hewn out of solid limestone rock by slaves between 1793 and 1794 and it is said that it provided a direct route from Fort Fincastle to Nassau City. These steps were later named in honour of Queen Victoria, who reigned in Britain for 64 years from 1837 to 1901.” – Bahamas.Com

You can easily walk here from the Cruise Ships. Just walk towards the water tower on top of the hill and you will run into it. It seems fairly safe here although I might not want to go at night. The walls have beautiful foliage and are very high. Lots of joggers in the morning running up and down the stairs on the day we visited.

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