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Stop Biting Finger Nails

No Bite Finger Nails Starting today I am going to attempt to quit biting my finger nails again. I am using a product called Bite It or No Bite which has a very bad taste. You apply it like fingernail polish. I have found in the past that it yellows the finger nails and you really only nee to apply it to the end of your nails and not the whole thing.

Booked A Cruise To Jamaica

Getting ready to mark a trip to Jamaica off the bucket list. I booked my first 7 day cruise with a balcony for October on Carnival Cruise. We leave from New Orleans so that is my chance to see that again and go to Jamaica, Belize, & Cozumel. I’ve never had a balcony before but I figure if I am going to do a 7 day then I want the option of having a place to sit and watch the ocean in peace and privacy if I want.

Carnival Cruise