De-cluttering Your Home

It is February and I cannot park my car in the garage. Luckily for me it was super nice this weekend and I decided to declutter the garage and shed. On Friday, I took everything in the garage to the back yard in front of the shed. I have found that the remove and replace method is the best way to organize an area. After the garage was cleaned out, I emptied the shed, sorted through all of the items in a fast sort. I had 3 piles – Keep, Donate, Sell.

Since I sell on eBay it is hard for me to throw anything away. I keep thinking to myself that if I had $1 for every item in my shed that I could pay off my car. That thinking has been the main reason that I find it hard to declutter. How much is it worth mentally to have a clutter free home? That was the big question and I feel the answer is huge. I plan to make another round of sorting next weekend and I think my thinking is going to be: “Can I purchase this item at Lowes, Bestbuy or Walmart?”. If the answer is yes then pitch it and if I REALLY need it just go buy another. It is not worth the mental strain of the clutter to hold onto items just for the sake of holding on.

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